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Overview of all Products:


Flexible Cables

Flexile cables provide excellent electrical and mechanical performance to address key parameters:los VSWR,low loss, and excellent 3rd order intermodulation.

1/4" R Cable    7/8" R Cable
3/8" R Cable    1-1/4" R Cable
1/2" R Cable    1-5/8" R Cable


Aluminium Feeder Cables

Aluminium Feeder cable with exellent electrical performance is economy and welcomed by customers.

1/2" R A cable    1-1/4" R A cable
7/8" R A cable    1-5/8" R A cable


Super Flexible Cables

Super Flexible Cable are designed for applications which require smaller bending radiuses and higher flexibility for shelter or plenum applications with outstanding mechanical and electrical performance .

1/2" S cable    3/8"S cable
1/4" S cable


Low Loss Feeder Cables

Low Loss Cables are desighed for the requirement of increasingly harsh attenution. Compared with the ordinary cable, it has excellent attenuation performance,mechanical reliability and other electrical performance.

7/8" R L cable    1-1/4" R L cable
1-5/8" R L cable    7/8" L A cable